1994-Generkal industries were founded; The company specialized in rent, sale, service and repair of diesel gen-sets.

We have available on stock 1-1,000 KVA gen-sets for rent. All our gen-sets are in sound canopy due to the international standard and durable for all whether condition.

Technicians and electricians of the company are ready to give service and answer for faults- 24 hours 7 days in week. We have mobile service with all needed equipment and parts to give answer and solve all problems in our gen-sets.

We supply gen-sets with various kind of control panel: manual operation, automatic operation (AMF) or parallel to mains or to another gen-set / gen-sets. In the last years we expand our active to Co-Gen-sets, Gas engine (LPG), Bio-gas and Parallel gen-sets.

Our company certificated by SII for the Quality Management Standard SI ISO 9001:2000 since- 1996. 
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